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What We Do

As a society, we try and provide something for everybody. Whether you are interested in hearing from guest speakers, debates, campaigning for the party or just joining us for the social side of the society, please do have a look at what's on offer and come along to anything that interests you!

Speaker Events

As one of the most active and fast-growing political societies in the United Kingdom, we have been fortunate enough to host a number of thought provoking and influential speakers in recent years, including; Sir Gavin Williamson, Nadhim Zahawi, Andrea Leadsom, Sebastian Payne, Lord Norton o Louth and many more!

Our Events Secretaries are currently working on an exciting events calendar for this year so keep an eye out for this.

Social Events

We host a number of social events each week. Combining drinking events, such as bar crawls and circles, with non-drinking events such as dinners, bowling, and football we aim to ensure there is something for everybody.

Our Social Secretaries are working to put together an exciting social calendar for the coming year so make sure to check our communications for regular updates.


We aim to campaign at least twice a week across the West Midlands and the entire United Kingdom.

We have always been an active campaigning society and have campaigned in marginal seats in the 2019 general election and 2023 local elections and had teams out across the West Midlands on local election day this year as well as in local and national by-elections.

Going into 2024, we are looking forward to continuing to regularly campaign and our DCP is working with local associations to bring you a full calendar to get involved with.



We have a number of trips throughout the year, both domestic and international. 2023 saw our first such trip, with members going to the fantastic city of Prague.

Our Tour and Conference Secretary is working hard to provide these fantastic opportunities for members, so make sure to get involved and find out more if you wish to join!

Port and Policy

Our port and policy events are brilliant opportunities to meet new people, socialise, discuss policy, and have a few drinks along the way!

These events occur repeatedly throughout the year, with three policies being discussed. Come along to one of these events for a guaranteed fun and insightful evening.

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The newest addition to the UWCA calendar. Our debates are a great way to channel your inner Parliamentarian and discuss some of the most important questions in British politics.

Our Event Secretaries are working hard to provide more of these new and tremendously popular debates. Order!

Supporting Charity

Charity is a cornerstone of conservatism and the UWCA is passionate about upholding this value.

We regularly work to raise money for a number of charities throughout the year, including recently having raised over £200 for Help for Heroes to mark National Armed Forces Week.

We will continue our work in this area with charity auctions, football, and port & policies to help better society in the local community and nationwide.

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